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We have a fully equipped spring shop complete with two service bays and two hoists.   We can handle spring installations on all mid size trucks,fullsize trucks, SUV's amd RV's.    Leaf spring rearching and custom fitting is done by our fully certified spring technicians who focus on making sure you have safe and reliable transportation.


We have the only certified "spring" technicians on Vancouver Island.   We can assess your suspension needs based on the knowledge aquired from more than 50 years of combined experience. 

Conveniantly located in the heart of Vancouver Island we want to be your one stop shop for truck and trailer suspension parts and springs.  We often hear the phrase "I couldn't find these parts anywhere" when our customers stop in to see what we have.   Our goal is to have the parts in stock when YOU the customer need them. 

At the same time we will focus on saving you time and money!   We will inform you about the complete condition of your suspension so that you understand what it will take to do the job in the most cost effective way.    Inspection charges will apply if vehicle needs time on the hoist or if a leaf spring has to be taken apart to inspect.

With the turmoil in today's economic market we know that to survive and grow as a business we need to make sure that our customers are getting the best value for their hard earned dollars.  We see more "shopping around" then ever before and although our price might not always be the lowest, the value and quality of service is guaranteed to be the best!   

Higher fuel costs and the expense of new vehicles causes most motor vehicle owners to realize that proper maintenance is essential in extending the life and economical service of their vehicle.  Unfortunately, during these regular maintenance check ups the suspension is often overlooked!   A minimum of attention to the springs can aid in (1) better handling, (2) easier riding and (3) longer more reliable spring service.

Leaf Springs

We are the suspension specialists! We do it all when it comes to leaf springs - we can custom build leaf springs, install extra leaves and rearch.  Repair your leaf spring?  Sure - we will inspect and advise what cost will be as opposed to new springs.  

Please see our product area for the section on how to measure leaf springs properly

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