Hub City Springs Trailer Axles & Axle Parts

Axles, Brakes, and Suspension parts,  shocks & shock kits, Hitch Receivers,  Ball mounts,  Couplers,  Breakaway kits, Brake Lines

Having excessive tire wear? Is your 5th Wheel /RV too low for your truck?
Have your RV or boat trailer axle alignment professionally checked and our technicians will advise you on what needs to be done to solve your tire wear and alignment problems. All our axles supplied are CSA approved and available within 1 to 2 days. 

We carry a variety of trailer springs, hardware parts, U-bolts, bushings, bearings, seals, electric and hydraulic brakes, hub drums, dust caps etc. We can custom make your trailer springs on site and supply the U-Bolts & hardware parts to go with. We can do extra leaves in your springs or replace a broken leaf, rebush the springs, repack the bearings.....we do it all!

Along with our great selection of springs, we also stock all the hardware parts for most 2,000 lb, 3,500 lb and 6,000 lb axles. U-Hangers, Eye Hangers, Equalizers, Shackle Straps, Trailer Bolts, Bearings, Seals & Bushings. We want to be your trailer parts "one-stop" shop!

We also do the work here if you don't want to do it or don't have the place to do the job.  Please call us today to find out the labour costs.  250-758-1341 or toll free 1-800-675-1535.

1 541-0 Equalizer for 2" wide trailer springs - Need to specify hole size (5/8 or 9/16)
2 543-1N Equalizer for 1 3/4 wide springs 3 1/2 x 5 3/4
3 Spring Seats (perches) 1 3/4, 2 3/8 & 3" tube
4 Bearings & Races, Spindle nuts, washers, cotter pins, dust caps, seals
5 Trailer bolts 9/16 x 3, with stover nuts also available in greasable
6 Top Plates 1.9" Axle, 2 3/8 x 1 3/4, 3" Tube also in galvanized
7 Shackle Straps, 2", 2 1/4" & 3" or we can custom make
8 U-Bolts Square & Round Top Plated & Regular Steel from 3/8" to 9/16" (Trailer sizes)
9 Backing Plate Assemblies Electric & Hydraulic 10 x 2 1/4", 12 x 2
10 Idler Hubs, Hub Drums, 5 on 4.5 all packed.  6 on 5.5  Other sizes available
11 How to measure axles - straight - 2,000 lb, 3,500 lb, 6 & 7 K  (see file below)
12 New Marine Electric & Hydraulic  Brakes Dacromet finish 10" & 12"
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