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Trailer Springs

Wow it's amazing how many different trailer springs are out there!!   We stock many of the most popular sizes and have the ability to make the ones that aren't available anymore.   Best bet to get what you want is to bring in the original and we can match it up.   Trailer Springs seem to be one of the easiest types of leaf springs to measure incorrectly!    See below for the correct way to measure most leaf springs......

Double Eye Trailer Springs

When measuring springs the trailer should be unloaded.  When determining the length you measure from the center of one spring eye to the other (straight across) as well as along the contour of the main leaf ; see diagram - measurements (a) and (b).   To maintain the correct capacity you need to also measure the thickness of the individual leaves as well as the width.  Measurement (h) gives you the free arch.   Most standard springs come with bushings to accept 9/16" bolts.


Slipper Open Trailer Springs

We also call these springs a "reverse C" Type spring because the one end bends back in towards the center of the spring in what looks like a backwards C.    The drawing illustrates the measurements needed.  

Example:  Part Number C-4  would measure 13 11/16 x 14 1/2 along the flat length (a, b) and these springs are .360 x 1 3/4 material.  The free length "c" is approximately 26 1/4".    These springs are rated for 1750 lbs per spring and are usually used on boat trailers.   There are 4 leaves in total

Slipper Trailer Spring - Flat

Measure the width and thickness of the spring.   Follow the drawing to get the critical measurements required for these springs.    There are many varieties of these springs ranging from 1 3/4 wide to 2 1/2" wide depending on the type and capacity of trailer.   We stock the lighter capacity springs but can make any type of spring required.  

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