Hub City Springs U-Bolts, Bolts, Nuts & Washers

U-Bolts on many suspensions provide the force necessary to create what is called the "center clamp".  This provides the permanent tie between not only the spring leaves, but between the spring and spring seat as well.  The functions of the clamp are as follows:   a) attach the spring firmly to the axle seat, b) prevent leaf breakage through the centre bolt section and c) prevent centre bolt breakage due to shear.
Keep U-Bolts Tight!!  After a new U-Bolt has been installed it is necessary to retighten after a couple of days of use.  This will greatly reduce the chances of centre breakage of the spring and the middle of the spring is the place of greatest hazard.  

Stock U-Bolts for most applications are available off the shelf or if it's not for a stock application it's easy to have custom U-Bolts made!!   You will need to know the diameter of the U-Bolt (measured on the threads) the inside width (in between the legs preferred rather than center to center) as well as the inside length.   The kind of top must also be indicated. Most light truck applications will be either round top or square top.  (See diagrams)  Rod sizes available:  3/8" up to 1" in all different lengths and the majority of sizes can be cold bent and ready in just 15 minutes!!    Heavier U-bolts (1 1/8, 1 1/4, 1 3/8 & 1 1/2) also manufactured on site.  Call our order desk for pricing, availability or if you have any other questions.

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