Hub City Springs Truck Accessories


Suspension components on your vehicle are the most important part of your vehicles handling and it also has a major impact on your braking ability.  The chassis, springs and shock absorbers work together to provide a smooth, bump free ride.  The suspension protects your vehicle from damage and wear.

The shock absorber is a critical part of the suspension system but often gets overlooked.  The shock absorber keeps the wheels of the car planted on the road and prevents the shock of bumps in the road from being transmitted to the car chassis.  To obtain maximum life for your springs always consider the shape of the shocks.  They work hand in hand with the springs and help to dampen the action of the spring.

Strut suspension systems are primarily used in the front of passenger vehicles.  The system consists of a coil spring combined with a shock in the form of a cartridge mounted within the strut.  The assembly is very simple and can be pre-assembled into a unit before installing.   Our strut compressor allows us to change over the existing spring & cartridge in very little time at all.

BDS shocks have Correct Application Valving technology which results in:

  •  improved handling and stability
  •  longer front end and tire life
  •  less wear and tear on suspension components
  •  less nose dive on severe braking
  •  less squat on hard accleration


Lift Blocks, Shackle Sets, Degree Shims, Torklift Tie Downs & Turnbuckles, Roof Racks, Tonneau Covers, Steering Stabilizers, Shock Eye Bushings, Add a Leaf Kits, Pitman Arms, Track Bar Relocation Kits,  Spring Eye Bolts, Kwik Klips.

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