Hub City Springs Marine Trailer Brakes, Electric & Hydraulic

Benefits of Dacromet:

(1)  Four-Way Corrosion Resistance - barrier protection, galvanic action, passivation & self-repairing.

(2)  Bimetallic Capabilities - due to the concentration of aluminum within the coating, good bi-metallic corrosion resistance with aluminum is accomplished.

(3)  Solvent Resistant - When dacromet is cured on the metal surface, the coating becomes inorganic and therefore resistant to solvents, gasoline, brake fluids etc.

(4)  Electrically Conductive - the high concentration of metallic flake enables parts to be electrocally conductive.

(5)  Hydrogen Embrittlement Free - the absence of acids or electrolysis in the coating process assures freedome from Hydrogen Embrittlement which is commonly associated withy the electroplating process

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